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Plastic Surgery – Some Pros and Cons of Chin and Cheek Implants

If you are not happy with how certain facial features look, you should look into chin and cheek augmentation. In most cases, you will see great results that increase your satisfaction with your appearance. However, as with any surgery, this kind of procedure has pros and cons. In most cases, as long as you do some research and choose the right doctor, you will be satisfied with the results best cheek implants near me.

This type of process involves putting implants under your skin. It is rather straightforward, as an incision will be made and the implant will be inserted. When implants for chins are put in, there will be a single incision, but for the cheeks, the cut will be above your gums so that you have no scarring on the outside.

In some cases, the chin implant can be inserted internally, too, with a small cut inside your mouth under your gums. The decision often depends on your surgeon and your preferences. With both chin and cheek augmentation, there will be swelling for about three days, accompanied by some discomfort. Within about two weeks, you should be able to return to work.

While the recovery time is not extensive, it still requires you to be out of work for several days to a few weeks. It is surgery, so you will need anesthesia. If you do not think you are ready for actual surgery, you might consider having injectable fillers instead, which usually has no recovery period.

You will not have to miss work, but unlike when you get the operation, this type of treatment is not permanent. You would need it done again within a year, which is not the case with chin and cheek augmentation using implants.

Though some people do not like that this type of procedure requires incisions and anesthesia, it is often the best way to do it properly to achieve actual results. Alternatives might offer very subtle changes, but they are usually temporary. If you want to achieve symmetry in your face and a more youthful appearance, you will seriously consider getting chin and cheek augmentation with implants.